Sunday, November 10, 2019

Stanford Colorado Viewing Party As Stanford Loses

On a sunny day at On The Rocks
Memories of a lousy season to block
At four and four the Cardinal travelled to Bison land
Seeking a fifth win to close on the Bowls to send its fans
The Bisons escaped the former Indian arrows and opened with six
The Cardinal quickly drove down to stall for three when the Bisons were not fooled by a screen play trick
Hope springs eternal even away and playing at over 5,000 feet
With only two field goals from Red Zone Cardinal not playing well, an omen for a defeat?
First half ends with Bison field goal
These are the times to try Cardinal fans’ souls
A rabid band of cheering Reds
Oonward. Upward, time to now surge ahead
Every point is a precious gem
Failed field goal in third quarter to close gap between us and them
Finally the fears the Bisons could no longer hide
Triskaidekaphobia strikes as number 13 catches a pass enroute to a touchdown ride
All we have to do is collect some first downs and run out the clock
Can’t do and with useless tap to a face mask
Into field goal range to tie completing its field goal task
Followed by a Cardinal three and out
Time for defense to the walls before the Bison mount
Try as they might the defense could not stop them on fourth down plays
 A Bison field goal to win as 2 seconds left as the ball kicked through the goal posts to Bowl dreams slay
Bowl game aspirations for Stanford for the worse change
Two out of three against the Cougs, Bears and the Irish looming Everest like mountain ranges
Not much of a chance against Notre Dame
Will have to beat the Cougs away hopefully in a Pullman free from snow or rain on game day
Then against Cal in the Big Game with meaning and a win needed to go to a Bowl and play
© November 10, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet   

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