Friday, November 29, 2019

No Turkey Only Crow for MSM and Schiffites

The chefs at the MSM executive dining rooms were in a tizzy and uproar
They had watched the Schiff Circus and now knew impeachment would not soar
Like a lead balloon or one leaking a major amount of gas
They knew the time for celebration had past
They watched morosely at the pardoning of two huge birds
While growing by the numbers the Independents said impeachment was absurd
Sadly they shook their heads knowing impeachment support would no longer grow
Despite all the boasting that impeachment was for certain and Trump would have to go
Knowing now that the executives and the Schiffites would face a bitter harvest from what they sowed
Worse after fat zeros and spent taxpayer dollars failure was all the executives and Blues had to show
Time now for the executives to suck it up and eat crow
Forget the turkeys it would have to be crow instead
Prompting great joy among those rare true journalists who are objective and red
No crow recipes in all the cook books could be found
So from the kitchens a rising wailing sound
“They sounded so sage and so pious
No longer can they hide their anti-Trump bias”
The MSM pseudo journalists can moan all they want in Swamp City
From the Heartland outside the Bubble not a shred of pity.
© November 29, 2019 Michael P. Ridley

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