Tuesday, November 12, 2019

National Pizza Day With the works Except for Anchovies Mutt Lynch's

November 12 as I was preparing Ridley's Believe It Or Not
A holiday to drive me to a pizza be sought
It's National Pizza Day with the Works Except Anchovies
Time to go to Mutt Lynch's for a pizza with the works to greet me
But this highly evolved omnivore is a food iconoclast
Day notwithstanding always love anchovies on my on my repast
Once again the Max with for my friend a 2 for 1 Tuesday pizza only with cheese
A Max with the works and a sacrilege to devour an anchovy crown
With its toppings and thick crust, easily the taste of the town
Views and sounds of the surf and a cooling breeze
Next to a couple from the Southwest of France
On vacation and thrilled at the Mutt Lynch chance
To sample great food, libations and the Newport Beach scene
A rewarding holiday meal  away from their normal French cuisine

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