Friday, November 8, 2019

Biden Sinks Blumenthal A Winner He Thinks?

As Biden’s primary chances tainted by Hunter’s quid pro quo begin to unravel
Judge Judy declares for her candidate pounding on her gavel
To her the person who should be president is one who can this fractured nation unite
Someone who is not too far to the left nor too far to the right
In her mind that means Mike Blumenthal
Who until now by Biden’s standings has his hat into the ring been stalled
Today the former Mayor Nanny had his minions file in Alabama which votes on Super Tuesday
But holding back on the first four primary and caucus states campaigns not wanting to put his candidacy on display
Trump with his charges of quid pro quo Joe has already ravaged Biden and spit him out
Damaged goods, too much baggage and with his base rapidly losing any clout
Already his sights have moved to “Little Mike”
To expose him as the Nanny no one can stand or begin to like
Looks like a race of two billionaires against one incumbent billionaire
Ironic as the Blues move closer and closer to requiring the top one percent to their wealth share
Little Mike is more of a centrist who will not in the socialist schemes of AOC wallow
His views may be difficult if not impossible for the Squad to swallow
A progressive third party to split the Blue vote?
Any upset of Trump completely remote
A race to keep control of the Senate to continue the flood of the appointment of conservative judges
Who will from the conservative views of Scalia rarely if ever slightly budge
So Blues will be all in on impeachment followed by removal that is doomed to fail
How many Blue House or Senate members to save their seats from this farce will bail?
Making Pelosi’s term as Speaker her final swan song
Back to growing grapes for wine where she belongs
© November 8, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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