Monday, November 4, 2019

Pamela Anderson as an Indian Princess to Howls of PC Policea

There was a time when kids could play Cowboys and Indians in the days before PC wrath
Today not a chance a group of preteens would dare go down that path
Sadly, the PC culture has become much worse
Children are subject to the Culture Appropriation curse
Become an Indian when Indian blood flows not in your veins
And you are guilty of appropriating their culture and in you must rein
In the world of double standards the left can pass themselves off as Indians to enter or climb the corporate ladder
Base your success not on merit but on false racial identity—what could in a merit based society be sadder?
Warren climbed into a Harvard Law School Professor’s Chair
Not because of great legal acumen or trial skills she would share
No Warren formed the image of from a Cherokee teepee
Passing off as full blooded Cherokee in her family tree
Great way to shed any imagined White Guilt
The myth of a member of the tribe she quickly built
Pamela Anderson is not running for office, is not in a political campaign
On Halloween from enjoying a Halloween costume party she does not have to abstain
Or does she when an American Indian princess she becomes?
Heads turning at this accomplished actress despite beating of the PC war drums
She has committed the mortal PC sin
Daring even on Halloween to pass herself off as a noble redskin
To the PC elite this revelation should come as no great shock
Those of us outside the Swamp and elite bubble think cultural appropriation is a complete crock
© November 4, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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