Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Put the Thanks Back in Thanksgiving

As we approach Thanksgiving with a chuckle that Trump has pardoned two birds
A pause, a hope, and a dream that at least on Thanksgiving divisive rants will not be heard
A nation not in an external war but sadly only with itself
As the economy booms putting more jobs and higher wages on its shelf
A time to be thankful as Charlie Brown’s thoughts to us bring
“What if, today, we were grateful for everything?”
Our social fabric in politics has been rent and tattered
Yet on both sides of the aisle  a mantra of lower your head and batter
Before the drums are beaten yet for another Blue versus Red holy war
Can we not step back and see the harm our divisiveness brings, how can we still ignore?
Divided across lines deeper than any time since the Civil War
Intense ad hominem attacks on the other side in number and vitriol soar
Partisan ears shut to discourse with attacks which we should abhor
How to avoid the chaos between us the future seems to have in store?
Even at Thanksgiving can we somehow civility and mutual respect restore
How close are we to leave hateful words and move to violence and gore?
This nation has problems like poverty, immigration, homelessness, drugs and loss of for one’s neighbors care
Feelings that a remote elite in far off cities or the Swamp we believe do not share
Before we heed the dog whistles of violence and strife
Acknowledge we are mostly blessed with a prosperous and good life
Good be improved no doubt
But with outstretched hands not angry shouts
So on this Thanksgiving as you feel the turkey helpings warm and soothe
Eyes hard to stay open but time to find the compromise bipartisan groove
Let not Black Friday obscure the truth and facts
It is time to stop on each other bitter partisan attacks
Even when on Friday in the malls you want to erupt if a store the new hot gift lacks
You can always take a breath and know tomorrow when crowds are smaller you can come back
Put the “thanks” back into Thanksgiving and allow it to last
Leave the rancor and hate and ad hominem attacks to the past
© November 27, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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