Saturday, January 7, 2017

Travel Is the Vacation Not the Destination

Travel Is the Vacation Not the Destination
Here is a concept to turn the travel industry partially on its ear
Perhaps to different travel options steer
The focus is now on the destination to the vacation dollars spend
What if the need for human comforts slightly altered that trend?
Flying today is the modern day equivalent of Job’s trials
Even if you somehow are not crammed in a middle seat but in an aisle
Long lines, body scans, belt and shoes off, invasive body probes
Truly a condensed version of the trials of Job
Planes crowded with jammed in human sardines
Any chance of comfort and dignity in the pursuit of profit the airlines demean
When the focus is the destination and the first few days are to recover from the trip
Maybe that far off paradise is a destination one might want to skip
Maybe a better part of the vacation to enjoy
Would be the means to travel to the destination one might employ
A ship if seas must be crossed or a sleeper train if on land
A slower pace with emotions dancing to the tune of a far less stressful band
On a train like the Coast Starlight, the scenery is like the Master on a canvass to change
Ocean surf, rolling hills and even mountain ranges
Better yet is the exponential expansion of human comfort space
And the chance to meet and converse with fellow members of the human race
The extra days in transit and the ambiance therein trump the destination days possibly lost
Reading a book with legs stretched out or gazing at yet another river crossed
While the snow capped mountains with smiles of sun rays looking down
Or the surf seeming to surge forward through the windows then ebb and turn around
Time is money on business on a vacation time at destination means only more to spend
Stressed out getting there and really stressed when the repeat horrors when it ends.
A better way to travel
Can only hope with soaring debt it does not unravel

© January 7, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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