Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The insanity on the issue of immigration continues to accelerate
Lost in the rhetoric and demonizing is any chance of rational acts or debate
The position of the Blues is set in uncompromising stone
Open borders, catch and release, never send the illegal aliens back to their homes
The position of the Reds is that we must secure the borders, deport the criminals and make it a crime after deportation the border again cross
Lost in the shuffle and rhetoric is a discussion of the basic issue of how many immigrants and what kind of aliens do we admit and at what cost?
Do we prioritize family members or immigrants with needed and useful skills?
Financially  independent who can pay their own bills?
Should we not emphasize those immigrants who want to into our culture assimilate?
As opposed to those who are prone to reject our values and isolate?
Until we come to some agreement on numbers and talents we are just wasting our time
Until we do a better job of assimilation in this PC insanity world we are attacking the issue half heartily with wasted nickels and dimes
Sanctuary cities, sanctuary churches, sanctuary schools and now sanctuary restaurants when will this nonsense ever end?
What is best for America in terms of who gets in and who stays has to be the new normal the only acceptable trend
We need the best and the brightest to come to our shores
The rest who do not make the cut should face a closed door  
© January 31, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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