Saturday, January 7, 2017

Emmanuel Rightfully Castigated for Gun Violence

Many a time when a slum lord has been convicted of owning and renting out property that violates housing laws
 A creative judge rather than fines or jail has imposed a sentence that to a slum lord’s back is the final straw
The slum lord is sentenced to reside in his rotting hell disguised as apartments
While extracting given the conditions therein exorbitant rent
Amazing how quickly the plumbers, roofers, painters, electricians and handymen suddenly appear
And how quickly the hellish slum like conditions quickly disappear
Time to send Emmanuel to live without police protection or armed bodyguards in the neighborhoods with the highest body count
And watch how quickly his administration will against these killings a surge of law enforcement quickly mount
Starting with transferring the legal fund to in this sanctuary city to illegals from deportation protect
To with it hire more cops to from neighborhoods these gang thugs eject
The left in Chicago like most cities across this land
While crime and failed education, lost jobs is completely out of hand
Is drawn to the mantra of more and more control
Like a moth drawn to flame while the thugs continue to take their toll
Sean Connery said it best in an The Untouchables line that the left like Emmanuel blindly ignore
“Never bring a knife to a gunfight” as very quickly for you they will be opening the morgue door
Even worse and more deadly to the victims exposed to this black on black shootings wave
Is that the victims cannot arm themselves due to Chicago’s gun control laws and so face an early grave
No TV cameras, no marching protests led by Black Lives Matter to witness another casket slowly lowered into the ground
No taps in this combat zone only from the grieving friends and family the sobbing sounds
© January 7, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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