Saturday, January 21, 2017

Celebs Descend on Great Swamp To Bash Trump

Celebs Descend on Great Swamp To Bash Trump
Here is a rule that celebs are prone to ignore--playing a genius does not make you one
Just like playing the role of a candidate for the highest office does not mean you are qualified to run
Being able to sing a song well or to thrill us with a dance
Does not translate to wanting to give them a platform to their views advance
Our celebs seem to think playing a role leaves a lasting intelligence residue on their soul and brain
That the script and character they played mean that the fans should accept that their views are right as rain
Why should it not come to them as a complete shock?
That we mere mortals believe that their views are a complete crock
Reality is that other that the ability to memorize lines of a script or of a song
They are lacking skills, judgment, and the ability to decipher what in morally right from wrong
Their experience is shaped by the fantasy of the script
Posh life style, drugs, fine wines, and brie flying off on a First Class trip
Celebs gathered in the great swamp
To pout and throw temper tantrums that Hillary had been thoroughly stomped
While President Trump  is seeking to make America great again and put America first
Celebs like Madonna are ranting of the doom and gloom in a spoiled tantrum outbursts
Even in her case wishing she could blow the White House up
No wonder the forgotten men and women view the celebrity elite as corrupt
News flash to these pampered celebs that they should really try to heed
Your movies and songs are a luxury not an essential that we need
If the forgotten men and women become fed up with the celebs’ attacks
Such that their offerings to the public no longer in large numbers attract
Hollywood will be like a ghost town once the gold and silver has been mined out
Tumble weeds blowing down deserted streets with boarded up theaters and arenas about
© January 21, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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