Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Obama to Give Farewell Address at McCormick Place

President Obama announced that he will deliver a farewell address on January 10 in the Windy City  
Where too many young men gun down other young men without remorse, mercy or pity
With 762 killings in 2016, parts of Chicago became unsafe to be outside morning, noon or night
Almost another 4000 wounded but who cheated death’s final bloody bight
For almost every year while were fighting the jihadists, Afghanistan was a safer place to be
As gang thugs left their homes to practice their killing sprees
More homicides than in New York and L.A. combined
A gruesome statistic as the fabric of society seems to before the caskets unwind
Mostly young blacks shot by other young blacks over turf wars
The streets awash in dead bodies and police tape, shell casings and the stains of gore
Rarely does a killing provoke the outrage and the televised condemnation
BLM marching in the streets or the burning and looting in this divided nation
So, our soon to depart president of failed “Hope and Change” will address us in the manor of our first president
With his legacy about to be torn asunder and ripped to shreds be forewarned he will extol his “accomplishments”
Obama has chosen McCormick Place to give his farewell address
A better venue for the residents might be a high murder rate area where the killings the police cannot suppress
Such that for a few hours with all the Secret Service in full protect the president mode
These poor terrified residents for one day a sense of without getting shot they could come out of their fortified abodes
Reagan to his credit in his farewell address confessed to the American public he had one major regret
That he had on his watch seen an increase from $700 billion to $2 trillion in the amount of our national debt
Obama leaves office having doubled the national debt to $19 trillion and hundreds of billions in change
So much now mired in debt with infrastructure and military need and business hobbled by taxes and regulations and a president who kept kicking the budget deficits downrange
© January 3, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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