Thursday, January 5, 2017

Obama Long Goodbye and Marvin K. Moody

In the political world Obama once he leaves office will be as useful to us as an appendix is to a human being
The only thing an appendix can do is become infected and if not removed, burst and threaten one’s well being
He will become like the Marvin K. Moody who refuses to go
Unable to accept that on Air Force One he can no longer his luggage and entourage stow
Usually presidents who lose or whose legacy touted by their clone is rejected
Get out of the swamp of D.C. faster than a fighter pilot from a shot up plane is ejected
But under the guise of wanting to remain in the swamp until their daughter finishes school
We will have to endure him on the streets of the swamp or on TV complaining about the acts of Trump from the office he once ruled
Mao had the Long March to save his party from the talons of Chiang Kai-Shek
Obama is on the Long Goodbye trying so hard to save his legacy from the Trump coming reject
A farewell letter to the American people that should be called the Grand Illusion
A statistic here and statistic there that shows when it comes to reality he still suffers from terminal delusion
Add to that 29 memos from Cabinet and top officials extolling the Obama’s administration resounding success
Glossing over the doubling of the national debt, open borders,  growing racial divide, uncontained ISIS and the Obamacare total mess
Like an infomercial that keeps shouting in order to induce you to buy “wait there is more!”
A 56 page article for the Harvard Law Review as he finally has to walk out the door
A sense of pity for a man who seems to have aged 15 plus years but still eyeing the White House with the Marvin Kaye Moody gaze
Knowing that his legacy will be like the sand castle built at the low tide line and by the incoming Trump tide soon to be razed
Leaving little but anything other than a very smooth section of sand
And the failed dreams of a 1000 state and federal Blue former office holders across this land
At least in Newport Beach we have a festival for Mr. Irrelevant for the last man picked in the draft of the NFL
Gifts, prizes and a parade while Obama will get nothing other than millions for an advance for his memoirs he will try to sell
© January 5, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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