Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tip of the Iceberg in Congress

What do icebergs have in common with members of Congress who have sexually harassed their staff?
Touching, groping, leering comments, suggestive behavior marking an effort to get laid while taxpayers get the shaft
Like the ships in the North Atlantic before radar their crew and passengers to on bergs be afraid?
Close but no cigars as their activities and behavior the voters in their district they have betrayed
No like the icebergs revealing only ten percent of their body mass
For every one member of Congress on whom it has been revealed he or she has harassed
Merely the proverbial iceberg’s tip
Members of Congress ensnared in a growing harassment grip
Conyers was the first to go, then a comedian disguised as a Senator Al
Then Trent Franks trying to get his aide to be his surrogate gal
Today we learn that Alcee Hastings at 81 was sued by a former aide
The slush fund hush fund paid the claimant $220 grand to hide from us the harassment parade
Of course there is the case a likely member to be Roy Moore
Whose reptilian brain seductions of teens the voters may well ignore
Dime against a dollar as the outrage over the slush fund payments hidden from us continues to grow
20-40 more cases of harassment will soon be featured on the reptilian brain sexual harassment show
As long as contrary to the Founding Fathers’ intentions that being in Congress was not to be a career
These cases of sexual harassment will in the scandal news continue to appear
The longer an incumbent stays in Congress he or she exposes this fundamental flaw
Too many of the Swamp denizens believe and act as if they are above the law
Each a poster child for limits on the number of terms they should be able to serve
Their distorted sense of entitlement that sexual favors goes with the job—it’s what they deserve
First step would be to account for all payments from the slush fund that have been paid
Keeping the identity of the victim secret so the victim’s emotional well being does not degrade
Next would be to the slush fund promptly end
Require a payback by those who chose to offend
Like the Black Caucus that will require its members to take sexual harassment classes
But here each year like CLE for all on what one cannot do if he or she is to avoid conduct that harasses
Revamp the procedure that is cumbersome and designed to claims frustrate and derail
Then and only will a sense of decency and a safe work environment in Congress prevail  
© December 9, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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