Monday, December 4, 2017

HRC's Rants That Trump Not Legit or Fit Make War Likely

Wars are often started due not to careful planning but by accident or miscalculation
Both bring the potential for great peril to the attacking or defending nation
In the recent past during Gulf War One Hussein would not believe after Vietnam the U.S.’s and coalition’s resolve
Did not believe Arabs would join and did not understand shock and awe and after bombing of 100 hours our winning ground game evolved
Worse, Hussein did not learn from Gulf One and thought his generals lack of WMD would think him weak
Never told truth on lack of WMD because with open divisions in Congress thought US a war would not seek
After Munich, Hitler did not believe that Britain and France would go to war when Poland in time they could not help or defend
Resulting in World War II with billions of dollars of damage and millions upon millions of civilian and military lives coming to an end
Stalin despite all the warning signs put his head into the steppes and did not believe that Hitler would attack
Came within a battalion or so razor’s edge margin at the gates of the Kremlin of having Moscow captured and sacked
Once again we face a growing threat of war with a nuclear seeking North Korea that based upon the USS Pueblo must not believe
That a president weakened by the presence of a Deep State, leaks and obstructionist Blues will not use force to U.S. goals of no nukes achieve
HRC has become the new Marvin K. Moody in politics who really needs to go
For her own sanity she needs to end once and for all the Russian collusion delusion beliefs she is trying to sow
Voter suppression is another delusional claim when perhaps we should be looking at illegal alien voting numbers at the polls
As Blues with a win at all cost mentality are on a path to illegals voting Blue to achieve their election goals
She lost because she ran a pathetic campaign, devoid of ideas, content with an economy at less than 2 percent growth by regs and taxes constrained
And resorting at the drop of the hat to play the race, gender and class cards while demonizing the deplorables as voters with no brains
The campaign energy in the closing weeks of a sloth or snail save when it came to covering up her private email server tracks
Drip by drip more damaging emails released showing what the DNC and her campaign really thought of Sanders and the support of blacks
If we did not face the coming threat of North Korea with capable nuclear ICBMs capable of reaching our shores
Her rants and outbursts that no one listens to any more, we would be able to without harm totally ignore
But we do and her and her Blue and MSM buddies’ 24/7 drumbeat that Trump as a president is not legit
With the not so subtle appeal to the military that as a commander is not, when it comes to carrying the football, fit
Kim will be emboldened
A moment to him truly golden
An admission heard and believed by Kim as he when soon armed will be ready to sell to others or to our allies blackmail
Unless the likes of HRC and her minions end their tirades and rants, the march of miscalculations for war against reason will prevail
© December 4, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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