Monday, December 4, 2017

Even Opossums Should Drink Moderately

We know as humans that is dangerous to drink and then drive
Russian roulette behind the wheel and driver, passenger or others on the road may not survive
We also know that drinking then moving in boats, lawn mowers or even a horse
Can result in deaths and injuries to go with a lot of guilt and remorse
But humans are not the only animals who with too much to drink can suffer a blow
Opossums who look like steroid rats after taking LSD have problems when into a liquor store in Florida they go
A marsupial female somehow entered the rafters and manage to send a bourbon bottle off from a shelf onto the floor
Broken open to release its golden liquid and aged in oak barrels aromas in a too hard temptation to ignore
Our unnamed opossum somehow found her way down to lick up the bourbon puddle and as it went to her head
Aped what opossums do when do when surprised or threatened she thought to play dead
But here she passed out with the concrete floor as her bed
When the staff opened they saw her and broken glass and with her off to animal rescue sped
IV of fluids, her stomach pumped and though wobbly she soon was good as new
If opossums have hangovers her drinking experiment she now must rue
We hope she was not pregnant as alcohol in that state to the little ones to be is a dangerous risk
Opossum fetal alcohol syndrome like human is a curse on a newborn we would hope did not exist
© December 4, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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