Monday, December 4, 2017

Reid Gay Bashing OK If Target Red?

In the race to be most hypocritical, politicians like Pelosi and Schumer may have to over their shoulder look back
A new hypocrite on spiked steroids is suddenly revealed hurtling down the tracks
Progressive MSNBC (Mostly Slanted “News” Biased Cack)
Finds that one of its star “reporters” is under attack
Blogs written by Joy Reid against Crist when he was a Red
Imply he was not a heterosexual but a “Miss Charlie” instead
For the left like Reid an attack on lesbians, gays, bis or transsexuals is a mortal sin
But not if the target like Crist whose sexual identity not confirmed is a Red trying to win?
Guilty of total hypocrisy
Integrity in total mockery
In her ends justifies the means labeling someone gay whether it is or is not true
Is to be admired so long as he is a Red not a holier than thou hypocritical Blue
If MSNBC does not discipline this “reporter” whose advocacy in favor of Blues knows no bounds
Once again the network loses what little credibility at the bottom of the ethics barrel it still has around
When it comes to having Reid come on to spout her bias on TV there really is no joy
Only a wish surely not to be granted that in the future some objectivity she would deploy
As to discipline Reid has three bases covered to insure the network’s Pavlovian inertia reaction
She’s a woman, she’s liberal and she’s black to insure network inaction
But the one base she does not have covered and it is a huge hole
Does not have the base of integrity, having long since to the leftist advocacy devil sold her journalistic soul
© December 4, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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