Monday, December 4, 2017

Blue Rep Brown Gets 5 Years 4 Sham Charity

Thou shall not steal is a pretty basic commandment to heed
No one should have the right or standing to take what another owns and needs
When someone robs a bank with a gun rather than a knife or note, putting lives in danger before he is done
The law tacks on more years to deter in the future other robbers to the use of a gun shun
When a con artist scams the elderly of their retirement or the unsophisticated in a Ponzi scheme
The judge when it comes to sentencing most likely levies the max and a new sphincter ream
Likewise, when a con artist under a bogus sham charity plays to our natural tendencies to reach out to help our fellow humans in dire need
The con artist steals not once but three times, first from the sucker donating as his human nature for kindness heeds
Second to the supposed victims receiving less or almost nothing due to the con artist’s insatiable greed
And lastly to the sucker’s trust and goodwill which after fooled once his desire to aid again goes to seed
If the con artist is an elected representative, a public servant “representing us”
Who to line his or her pockets steals the donations for personal use—time to be thrown under the prison bus
Representative Corrine Brown, a Florida Democrat poster child for the need to limit terms
Convicted of raising money for a sham charity only to on her own personal lavish expenses the donations burn
The five years levied since the counts should be at least three per above should have been set at least at fifteen
Then the desire of other politicians in safe districts with annuity like terms from stealing due to enhanced jail time be weaned.
Matters not whether the politician is Blue or Red
No matter the amount of idealism, the longer you stay the more likely corruption instead
Like the salmon coming from the oceans into the fresh water spawning creeks
Longer it stays, the more the idealism begins to rot, fall away and the fish to reek
Until the salmon, a pastel of rotting flesh, against the forces of corruption becomes very weak
Idealism now dead at the bottom of the spawning creek
© December 4, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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