Thursday, February 25, 2016

PC Greater Threat To Learning Than Packing Heat

Texas has passed a law allowing students to on public universities guns carry
In classrooms and dorms but at the University of Houston, Academic Senate fears academic discussion may be buried
Rational and challenging discourse on issues and views should be a college’s ultimate goal
Closing down free speech or enforcing PC discourse is not a proper academic roll
Another academic debate
Will a student packing heat in a classroom or dorm discourse intimidate
Or does it send a sign to those bent on terrorist or deranged attacks?
If you open fire on innocents, some of the innocents may be shooting back
When it comes to the suppression of academic freedom and free speech and the closing of young minds
There is a far greater threat represented by fanatic professors like Melissa Click to the PC slant completely aligned
Too many college campuses with administrations devoid of any academic backbone
Have been turned into a conservative thought or speech free zones
From commencement speakers like Condi Rice who a rabid handful of faculty and students arose in protest
To Cal State LA whose feckless president chose to a conservative speaker’s appearance suppress
Our colleges are turning out legions of PC robots unable to independently think and  burdened with debt
Their ability to think and discuss ideas and be receptive to opposing views—a closed mindset
It’s like with the micro aggressions and the BLMs, we have become a nation of thin skinned crabs and lobsters in perpetual molt
So thin skinned and eager to take PC offense that with their intellect never challenged have become a generation of robotic dolts
© February 25, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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