Sunday, February 21, 2016

18 Year Impersonates An Ohio State Senator To Give Speech

In another catch me if you can moment Izaha Akins duped Mohawk High School
Passed himself off as an Ohio State Senator to show the high school administration as fools
Akins  convinced the administration that although only 18 he was the real deal
Chauffeured to the school by a local Ford dealership and gave a speech to the students with aplomb and zeal
He called the school and informed them Burke had resigned his seat due to his ills
But he Akins if the speech were moved up would be more than happy to take his place and fill the speaking bill
One Google search would have quickly revealed the fraud
His not wearing a coat and tie should have made someone realize he was only a fa├žade
Imagine for  Senator David Burke, who arrived at the school on his appointed time to the students address, his surprise
To find that Akins had been before him and that the school had believed of his political demise
Akins as he was arrested for a felony claimed his acts were done to further a study security of rural schools
I suspect Mohawk High School going forward will be tightening up its access on school grounds rules.
For Akins the D.A. should spend the office’s time on more weighty crimes
No one was hurt, the speech well received and thus Akins should not serve time
If the D.A. disagrees and a tries to convict
In today’s politics maybe a felony be a plus and a future political career not interdict
© February 21, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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