Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More Hypocrisy From Obama On Gitmo and SCOTUS

When it comes to politicians here is the golden rule
“We are all hypocrites and with dishonesty will always try to you fool”
Senator Obama filibustered against a Bush to the Supreme Court nominee
Schumer and Biden demanded that sight unseen we had to reject any Bush appointee
Rules of normal behavior politicians completely defy
Like Obama they cannot help themselves as it is far easier to lie
Keep your doctor now replaced with Gitmo is the terrorists’ rallying and recruiting cry
Nowhere is that remotely true but the rules of truth Obama denies
Hypocrisy from the man who will leave office with 19 plus trillion in national debt
Imposing on future generations a burden they and we all will forever regret
With a solemn holier than thou face, a total to reality of his spending sprees disgrace
“We will save for the taxpayer millions if we close this place”
Better yet would be if we had against terrorists boots on the ground
To capture jihadists as opposed to droning them and then sending them to Gitmo shackled and bound
This president in the war on terror from radical Islam that he will not name
Deserves our contempt and merits our total blame  
Even though there is a law of the books that bars Gitmo detainees from being to the Homeland sent
The lights are burning late in the halls of the DOJ on how this President once again can the laws of the land circumvent
© February 24 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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