Monday, February 1, 2016

Be Careful What You Wish For

There is an old adage “beware of what you wish for”
Wishing that Hillary has an indictment in store
Causing her to drop out of the race
Without a pardon facing a trial that would be the final disgrace
Hillary is old damaged goods and she will not escape her email curse
Especially if the FBI recovers emails showing the shake down at State to fill her Foundation’s purse
She is a lousy candidate, her supporters lack passion and even her base from this election may take a break
But the Reds and a good number of Indies know electing her would be a major mistake
Even if Trump does not fold and comes away with a nomination win
Assuming he does not self destruct with insults and controls his narcisstic spin
Will ride the wave of anger over dysfunction in D.C.
Crush a flawed candidate, a deceptive, lying Hillary
But if she is indicted and drops out the DNC, facing a Sanders’ run, will be in panic mode
It will not allow Sanders to be the candidate who carries the Blue’s campaign load
Watch Joe Biden with Elizabeth Warren as his VP be drafted to enter the race.
Joe Biden may have his faults but the stigma of Hillary’s dishonesty he does not face
He lacks the stigma of the unrelenting Clinton greed
Images of mordida to get what a supplicant at State would need
Warren’s energy level makes Trump and Bernie look like they are the walking dead
It would be a ticket that would raise red flags among those wise minds of the Reds
Poets should rhyme and when it comes to politics avoid trying the outcomes to have predicted
But with this theater of the absurd with all its drama and norms out the window hard for this poet to be so restricted
Maybe conjecture wasted as the polls may not be the perfect crystal ball, for if the Bern
Takes Iowa and then New Hampshire her Southern firewall may be crumbling which should give her great concern     
© February 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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