Thursday, February 25, 2016

Not Super-Predator BLM Crashes Hillary Fund Raiser

BLM To Hillary I Am Not A Super-Predator
Of all segments of the population under Obama, it is the Afto-Americans who have suffered the greatest raw deal
After decades of voting like lemmings for Blues, BLM may expose Hillary’s Achilles’ heel
Black Caucus endorsement notwithstanding of a candidate who wants to with Obama policies align
Blacks in terms of poverty have increased and incomes compared to whites have continued to decline
Despite her recent complaints about the need for criminal justice reform, she is linked with Bill’s crackdown of crime
With inner city black neighborhoods decimated as more and more young black males began serving time
In a “what difference does it make moment” that will haunt her leading up to the fall that maybe her true feelings reveal
Hillary in 1996 in addressing the problem of black gangs demanded we have to bring these super predators to heel
While Hillary was a fund raiser seeking cash
Two BLM protesters with that sign did her fundraiser crash
Hillary did not look pleased to have her raking in dollars interrupted
When will the blacks realize that always voting Blue is practice totally corrupted?
If a politician as Hillary does as she doubles and triples down the tired scenario of the race card
Takes the black vote for granted, keeping the Obama coalition together will be very hard
Income inequality is just another of her phrases for the Clintons to shake down millions in speaking fees
While being a Secretary of State going on a quid pro quo granting spree
Racism is just another word for her getting paid for a not for public short speech by Goldman Sachs
Same amount that over 20 years of labor at the median income earned by a family that is black
Dishonest, untrustworthy to her innermost core
Yet damage by Obama and her policies, black voters keep coming back for more
When blacks like most voters want politicians for their votes, ideas and policies really compete
Good things start to happen instead of always voting Blue like a flock of sheep
© February 25, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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