Friday, January 18, 2019

Wall For Pelosi's Grapes As She Abandons Americans To Illegal Scourge

Sending Pelosi and 16 others to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan
Is a purely useless political grandstand
Designed to improve her Hawaii Christmas optics at a five star resort
Coupled with the Puerto Rico optics of 30 Blues in a lobbyist funded cavort
Nothing like a visit to the troops to win in the public relations court
Even though fleeing from the table means end the shut down efforts come up short
She is not the commander in chief and most troops would not want a selfie with her
Hers is a record of not giving the troops enough to their safety and victory insure
She was mocked for her American Gothic post Oval Office rebuttal
Revealing in a wooden way her attempts to border security scuttle
Refused to meet with Angel parents who have suffered a child’s loss
By illegal aliens in a “manufactured crisis” their suffering she over glosses
Let’s hope the Reds create an ad with a wall around her Napa Valley estate
To protect her vineyard grapes denying Americans wall protection from murder, drugs, duis and rape
When illegal aliens descended on her estate to pitch a tent
Pelosi called the police probably wishing back to Mexico they be sent
© January 18, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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