Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hoyer Rebukes Pelosi On Trump SOTUS In Capitol

While Pelosi is acting like a tot in temper tantrum mode
As we continue down the government shutdown road
With a border like a sieve that illegals cross at will
Rhetoric on both sides we need to chill
A silver lining coming from Majority Leader Hoyer the second ranking Blue
Who points out a wall is not immoral a position making it impossible to forge a impasse breakthrough
When asked he also said it was fine with him if the president came to the Capitol for State of Union address
Pelosi’s concerns without speaking to the Secret Service who have raised no concerns are meeting with little success
Having flipped on barriers she and Schumer supported in the past
Her view on the immorality of walls make us aghast
What is immoral to her very inner core
Is the grief of Angel Parents to dismiss and ignore
4 people in Northern Nevada were killed by an illegal alien on a shooting spree
Not all illegals are killers and rapists and they may commit less crimes than citizens like you or me
That argument should be dismissed as a red herring
The fallacy is most glaring
If an illegal who killed or raped or dealt in deadly drugs or committed a fatal DUI
Would have been prevented by a wall and border security from being here there would be no victim to come by
The trust well account in the Swamp is bone dry
But our leaders  somehow have to try
Fund the government for 30 days and if no solution is found
Declare a national emergency and start building wall sections on the ground
Slavery went out with the 13th Amendment
We cannot expect employees to continue working when no paychecks sent
© January 22, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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