Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hoyer Disputes Pelosi Claim Wall Is Immoral or Ineffective

With the shutdown costing us .1% a week drop in GNP
Democratic stance on the wall is becoming more of a mystery
Pelosi and Schumer have dug in their heels and refused to come the table
Pelosi still chanting the wall is immoral, ineffective and too expensive fable
Believing the shutdown is an economy destroyer
Finally some sense from House Majority Leader Hoyer
In a civil way he dismissed Pelosi’s claims that a wall doesn’t work
While Pelosi her obligation to govern with compromises shirks
The experts on how to secure the border are not the MSM but the Border Patrol
Ignoring their pleas for a wall and ignoring the facts is her head in the sand goal
Deaf ear and blind eye to the crisis on the border calls in a crisis manufactured by Trump
And with her co-Trump resister refused to meet with Angel parents, viewing them as deplorable chumps
Hoyer also stated the obvious and issued a “the wall is not immoral” rebuke
Her playing politics with our safety should make one want to puke
As to it being expensive with the Blues voting history
A solid record of a consistent and sustained spending spree
Makes her claim another example political hypocrisy
An Empress wears new clothes so easy for the fallacy for all to see
We mere mortals concerned about our economic growth are getting antsy
You do not need the shutdown to end before you come back to the table Nancy
Trump is not Reagan and will not be fooled by your claim to negotiate
It is a false promise and he will not take the bait
We pray that Hoyer is the first crack in your hold the line resistance jail
The worse it gets the more likely Blues will see the light and the animus resistance will fail
© January 16, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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