Thursday, January 17, 2019

Trump Pulls Rug Out On Pelosi's Junket Foreign Trip

Pelosi all prepped to get out town with a delegation to head for a three nation junket trip
Has had her military plane from her ripped
Trump was right on point; she needs to remain in this town
To negotiate in good faith with him to try end this shutdown
We will see whether hell hath no fury like a woman losing her plane
Even though if she is gone another paycheck to federal workers goes done the drain
I think she is terrified caught between a rock and a hard place
If she caves on the wall she loses the support of her increasingly leftist base
If she digs in people as they learn the facts and Trump and Border Patrol reach out
They will turn on her and  on the Blues as border security and safety is really what this snit is about
She has already lost her Majority Leader’s support who has ridiculed her ineffective and immoral claim
The mantra Trump is trying to get Blues to the table and Blues boycott means a shifting to her of the blame
200 miles of additional barrier needed to the barriers extend
A minor amount not sufficient to another week of shutdown the nation send
Since Pelosi refused to listen to and ignored the head of the DHS
Instead of Afghanistan, go to the border to hear first hand from Border Patrol what they need to illegal immigration suppress
Walls there in sections work and work well
Her mantra of they don’t work is an impossible sell
© January 17, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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