Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pelosi Is Delusional To Reject Trump Proposal

On its arrival to no one’s surprise
Pelosi announced Trump’s proposal arrival demise
The only thing that is DOA
Is Pelosi’s rabid inane resistance on display
Still smarting from the rug pulled out from her junket totally pathetic
Trying to escape the Swamp and shutdown and her government created paretic
This total hack spent Christmas in Kona at a five star resort
While federal employees faced a Christmas to abort
Followed by a swarm of Blues paid for by lobbyists to from the shutdown run
To the warm beaches of Puerto Rico to frolic in the sun
Worse when Angel Parents with her tried to meet
Their attempt to explain the grief and crisis met with defeat
Today with a solution came to the table
Pelosi and Schumer still stuck in the wall is immoral fable
The Blues no longer represent a majority of voters who reside not on the coast
Following the false siren call of AOC they will be doomed to be toast
Question now is whether the Senate will vote to reopen government with Trump’s compromise
Or whether we have to suffer over the Blues’ gridlock leading to its demise
If the Senate does the right thing because Blues rejected the resistance flaws
We have a chance to the grip of Pelosi’s gridlock thaw
Relegate this tyrant whose estate is protected by walls
Wishing her well as in to the trash heap of history she crawls.
© January 18, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet .

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