Thursday, November 15, 2018

No Presumption of Innocence for Kavanaugh but for Avenatti

During the Kavanaugh hearings the presumption of innocence was put on hold
Blue after Blue piously proclaimed you have to believe women we were told
Avenatti became the darling of CNN and MSNBC and the View
The poster anti-Trump child was a hero for the Blues
Now that image of a #MeToo supporter to be put to the test
Following a domestic violence felony arrest
So quick was MSNBC and CNN to Kavanaugh condemn
Yet on Avenatti played down the arrest as he was one of them
The women on the View
Other than Abbey and Meghan without a clue
Expressed dismay and utter shock
But unlike Kavanaugh the presumption of innocence for him should not be blocked
If he is found guilty the View members will condemn him and drop him like a hot rock
Wishing that he will be in a cell quickly be locked
© November 15, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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