Thursday, November 1, 2018

First Tester Now McCaskill Dirty Tricks?

In a déjà vu replication of a 2012 dirty trick
An example of why the ends justifies the means is so sick
While on the campaign trail is on a whirlwind bestir
Alleged dirty tricks of illegal mailing from Jon Tester
Mailing to Reds to their support of Rosendale purge
Instill the vote for the Libertarian to urge
The illegal mailing blew up in Tester’s face
For the Libertarian announced he’s dropping out of the race
Urging his supporters to vote for Rosendale
In a close races Tester’s reelection may well fail
Tester is a Senator without principles of decency who destroyed Trump’s pick to head the VA
Pure spite over his clean bill of health to shamelessly display
In another M state Missouri where McCaskill is in panic mode
She is alleged to have the same trick try to unload
Illegal mailing urging Reds to vote Libertarian to aid her on her Senate bid road
Her opponent endorsed by the NRA
Is claimed by the mailing to want to take guns away
Would be nice for the Libertarian to in disgust
Drop out urging his supporters to vote Red for someone they can trust
The clarion call of the left is ends justifies the means
Never from dog whistle rhetoric be weaned
© November 1, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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