Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sam I Am At The Hub Kitchen & Taps

Sam I Am at The Hub Kitchen & Taps
A restaurant with bar is the easiest business to fail
Great dreams of five stars too often doomed to derail
Or so like so many cannot expand beyond one site
Chained to the oven or grill 24/7 day and night
Yet somehow a lucky few endure as icons or grow into eating chains
A steady stream of eaters, forks and glasses in hands rarely if ever to complain
What is the secret why to so many fail and so few succeed?
Dining out compared to staying in is a splurge not needed to sate our repast needs
A recipe is easy to find and duplicate on the  internet
Ditto for the ingredients so a five star meal can be met
A new restaurant with d├ęcor and menu no matter how unique
Often hard to maintain the excitement before another food fad moves it off its peak
The secret to a restaurant’s longevity in addition to a good meal is another basic creed
A responsive force of servers to quickly respond the diners’ needs
The are hard to find, even harder to keep
Too often with tunnel vision eyes while  slow walking past tables in their sleep
Cataracts to prevent them seeing the empty glass or cup or raised hand waved as they walk by
While the Pantry, Pacific Dining Car, Phillipe’s and the Crab Cooker thrive, why others die
The Hub Kitchen and Taps in Newport Beach is fairly new to the culinary and drinking scene
Tasty menu, craft beers, outdoor dining patio and for sports fans numerous large HD TV screens
While enduring the Cardinal pecked to death in a rout by the Cardinals of Louisville
At least my culinary needs were met as I swallowed a bitter Stanford loss pill
I was treated to the attention of an excellent server, San was her name
Looking at my 6 foot 230 pound menu gazing frame
Nudged me away from the mini soup of tomatoes and cheese
To the gourmet pot stickers and lettuce chicken wraps to the pangs of hunger appease
Excellent suggested choice which I quickly consumed
As she went on winged feet to her other tables in the patio room
Never saw the need for other diners to their hands for her attention raise
If Michelin rated service and personality a five star ranking would be a snap
How to succeed be it with baristas at Starbucks, with great tellers at banks or with servers like Sam at The Hub Kitchen and Taps
© March 23, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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