Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bravest of Men, Most Cowardly of Men

One man was the bravest of men
The other was the most cowardly of men
Weep for the bravest as we will never see him alive again
For the dead most cowardly weep not and seek out to destroy the terrorists’ dens
France like many in the EU have been hit with a flood of Muslim refugees
Far too many of whom are Islamists who cannot with western values agree
Cysts of nonassimilation and intolerance infecting the lungs of France
Must be exterminated whenever, wherever we have the chance
A Moroccan citizen of France and on its terror watch list
Carjacked a car, wounding its driver and killing its passenger who did not resist
Drove to Trebes to be Allah’s jihadist cowardly messenger to deliver an inane demand
Release a jailed terrorist Abdeslam who has the blood of 130 victims on his hands
Into a Super U market to storm, kill two and taking hostages to keep
Gendarme Lt. Col Arnaud Beltrame exchanged himself for a woman hostage and was killed which is why we weep
The most cowardly vermin does not deserve to be publized with his name
He has brought onto his “faith” nothing but scorn and shame
Beltrame walked into that store of strangers knowing he did not have a survival chance
A decorated former French soldier and today a true hero for mankind and for France
Photo of a true scumbag coward

  © March 23, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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