Monday, March 26, 2018

Fowl Over Color In Sweet Sixteen

Sweet 16 At The Hub Kitchen & Tap
A Stanford recon patrol claiming TV seats at the Hub
Grabbing tables for Happy Hour for reduced prices for spirits and grum
On TV a classic March Madness to await
Will color or a fowl be the winning fate?
Fans trickling in on a Friday eve
Hoping their team an invite to the final four dance would receive
Sweet 16 used to be a be a girl’s into adulthood sweet stepping stone
Now a ticket to the Elite 8 or a sad depressed ticket back to a college home
March Madness is gripping this nation
Millions in productivity lost between total despair or true elation
Counting down the minutes for a C versus C conflict to begin
Hopping Tara and her band of hoop warriors would win
Cardinal against the Cardinal in the Cardinals’ back yard
A last chance for a championship for Senior Brittany McPhee
A whirlwind of motion on the court and a deadly drainer of threes 
Winner to go to the Elite 8 against the Beavers and a win there not hard
It will soon be tip off time and if the Cardinal wins
There victory will be forever heralded in rhyme
If perchance the ball does not bounce Stanford’s way
A poem on its loss will most likely into the unwritten shadows fade quickly away  
© March 23, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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Post poem PS: Sadly it was not Stanford's night; the Cardinal not only lost, it was crushed by Louisville and Asia Durr 86-59 probably making Tara rue the fact that the planned game the two teams were going to play was not due to scheduling times that would have forced Stanford players to miss classes.

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