Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Wolf In Lamb's Clothing?

For the Reds in Pennsylvania last night was a total disaster
From a 20 point win by Trump the 18th District has a new Blue House master
Pelosi and the DNC wolves clothed a Lamb
Anti-Pelosi, pro life, pro guns for real or a sham?
Time will tell whether Lamb is a conservative Blue
Or merely a con artist who changed his spots to the voters woo
If Lamb his clothing is shed
Votes with Pelosi it will be revenge time for the Reds
One special election may not an electoral trend make
But this should be for the Reds along the polling fault lines a major quake
If Blue candidates start dropping Pelosi and Schumer like hot rocks
And move to the right with energetic candidates the Reds are in for a shock
The bulging wallets from the tax cuts and the growth in good paying jobs will not Reds shield
From losing elections if they choose to weak and poor candidates like Moore and Saccone field
Lamb did not have to face a primary opponent who most likely would have been a Pelosi clone
Not a chance he would have prevailed in a primary to get into the general voting zone
The 64 dollar question is whether other Blue candidates reading the election tea leaves
Will shift to the right and center and into their campaign a partial pro Trump agenda weave
Border security with or without the wall, chain and immigration lottery to end
No more dollars to sanctuaries and infrastructure dollars to our crumbling system mend
A pledge to vote against Schumer and Pelosi and to seek common ground
Wrapped around some core liberal values like health care, liberal judges and some gun control and Red control may be going down
Or do they continue shifting to the left to man the gridlock walls
Will make for an interesting and full of drama elections this fall.
©March 14, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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