Sunday, November 9, 2014

Teachers' Unions Spend $80 Million On Blues--Lose Big

It is too early in the pundit cycle to see if the midterms were a new trend
Clearly the enchantment for Obama across many segments has come to an end
One of the major losers would appear to be teachers’ unions that spent 80 million of cash
Almost all of which went to Blue candidates many of whom burned and crashed
These were not voluntary contributions but mandatory dues
No wonder many teachers forced to pay are in a stew
Teachers’ unions have fought tooth and nail against charter schools
In public education clearly a most effective tool
No matter how many dollars public education claims
Too many students receive a diploma that is an education only in name
Teachers’ unions have fought tooth and nail for tenure, making it almost impossible to eject
Teachers who are incompetent to teach and who in the private market most employers would reject
Teachers unions have fought tooth and nail against pension reform as unfunded liabilities soar
While expecting a bailout from taxpayers the poor saps who in incompetence the pols look to gore
80 million dollars and most of the Blue candidates went down to defeat
In California a case has moved to appeal to insure the allocation of dues to politics does not repeat
In California it costs a teacher over a $1,000 in dues each year
Much of which goes to campaign funding for Blues whose policies many teachers want to stay clear
Out of the ashes of the Blues funeral pyres the need for renewed debate on whether public unions should even exist
Especially when their mandatory dues collected from Reds and Blues make it hard for elected officials to their demands resist
© November 9, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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