Monday, November 17, 2014

Supeme Court Will Soon Rule Gruber Exposed As A Fool

Gruber was the hero to Obama and Pelosi when he was needed to deceive
Now 6 million in fees later, they don’t know him if they can be believed
Gruber was on an Obama reelection video for the Obama team
No wonder the American voters believe they were reamed
The history of mankind is a history of hoaxes some for profit and others in jest
Too often the critical minds that would normally question take a not deserved rest
From the Piltown Man to Mencken’s expose to the bathtub of Millard Fillmore
To the Northwest tree octopus it’s time to add one more
Keep it simple; let’s call it the Gruber Hoax
Conceived by him to the deception fires stoke
Play with deception Gruber and you play with fire
Your words will bounce back to give the voters what they desire
No subsidies unless through an ACA state exchange
But 36 states failed to so arrange
Feds paid the subsidies in violation of Gruber’s intent
Not a mere typo and it should mean to the trash can it will be sent
In sports if a referee blows a call with a major mistake
Next play he might well on his judgment another path to take
Roberts gave the ACA the lease on its troubled life
He may rectify, make the call the subsidies were illegal and put an end to this chaos and strife.
Regardless of his ego and narcissism that permeates his entire core,
Even he, if ruled against by the Supreme Court, would not a decision ignore.
© November 17, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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