Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson Grand Jury Will Not Indict--Buildings Burn

In a rush to judgment an unarmed 300 pound black youth was killed
Not by a gang member ala Chicago but by a white cop; so tonight justice was “unfulfilled”
A grand jury after hearing all the evidence elected not to indict
Now shots fired, looting, buildings burning, lighting up the Ferguson night
None of us since cameras were not rolling on that August day will know all the facts
Unlike Rodney King’s beating on tape whether Officer Wilson committed an illegal lethal attack
There is not trust between the blacks and the police dominated by the whites
Already violence is seizing the freezing Missouri night
Sharpton thank God has not weighed in to what in his mind should have been a decision to convict
An officer who may have been fearful for his life against a bigger man who injury wanted to inflict
It is tragic a young man has been cut down
But in tragedy there may be a chance to rebound
Lesson learned should be as to the victim never charge an officer gun drawn to put him in fear of lethal harm
He will have no choice, protected by law, to protect himself to discharge his firearm.
Lesson two for the protestors who wanted to lynch,  let the grand jury work
Cheapen them and the rule of law may digress into the lynching quirk
Lesson three is that there must never be a chasm between those to protect and serve
And those men and women in blue who the peace try to preserve
Lesson four is that whatever it takes to make sure a person is not judged by the color of his skin
Any amount of money so spent to insure is well spent and views otherwise into the trash bin!
Regardless of lessons, this poet’s heart goes out to the family to lose a son at just 18
Is a pain and sorrow that should never be part of for their child his parents’ dream
© November 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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