Saturday, November 29, 2014

China Bans Puns As Jihadists Kill Chinese

The news out of China ran the gamut of cracking down on puns
No longer allowed and all wordplay the media must shun
Not speaking Chinese the wordplay in the culture one is not aware
Is this language purity like the French or Chinese PC coming out of its lair?
On a more serious note China suffered another jihadist type attack
Muslims in a Western province are now striking back
It matters not whether you are Christian, Jew or in God do not believe
If not a faithful, too many Muslims want to your life relieve
We have had many summits, we have a UN
Yet we ignore the messages the jihadists continue to send
ISIS with its beheadings takes the headlines that Boko Haram tries to match
With killings and innocents it from schools it seeks to snatch
But this world is becoming a jihadist cesspool where no infidel is really secure
With more and more youths falling under the jihadist lure
With the moderate Muslims and the moderate mullahs infected more and more with the silence disease
While our PC trends in the U.S. drive us to this growing threat try to appease
When does the world deemed to be infidels with no rights other than to convert
Gather together to once and for all this radical jihadist ideology try to subvert
Even being a Muslim convert is not a guarantee to enable one to keep one’s head
The last American ISIS victim faith in Islam did not keep him from becoming dead.
© November 29, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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