Monday, January 6, 2020

Climate Change Hypocrisy at Golden Globes

The divide between Hollywood and Main Street seems larger and growing everyday
A classic example of that divide at the Golden Globes was on display
George Clooney was in Australia fighting fires near his home and could not attend
But took the time to have a message to fight climate change to a dwindling audience send
The do as I say not as I do Hollywood Elite
Making a climate change statement at the dinner with it being vegan and no meat
Hectoring and lecturing Americans to go to end fossils and go renewal green
Captured before the event started arriving in huge gas guzzling limos to enter the red carpet scene
Not like they were showing the carbon reduction charge with limo sharing
That would divert from the ego of each the amount of adoring gazing and staring
Joaquin Phoenix a winner thanked the Globe for the lack of meat
Then castigated his fellow private jet user to Palm Springs by the seated  elite
Next time the Globe gives out life time achievement awards there should be one for hypocrisy lack
First winner would be Ed Begley, Jr. who talks and is committed to the environmental track
Commutes with a bicycle, a home the size of Al Gore’s closet, renewable power for his grid
He through action not words is committed to our reliance on fossil fuels rid
Ending hypocrisy by the elite and bashing of  Main Street
Could well be the trick to ending from viewer popularity a continuing retreat.

© January 6, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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