Thursday, August 29, 2019

No Apology to Comey Only One From Him to American People and FBINl

When it comes to chutzpah Comey is in a league all alone
No one could try to attain his ego and sanctimonious zone
Blasted by the FBI’s IG and the FBI rank and file
He seems so arrogant that he wants an apology for his acts that the FBI defiled
Without Comey’s plan to take down a presidential candidate who surprised all and won
The agony we as a nation went through would never have happened; before it started would have been done
The only losers would have been the MSM who would not have had any anti-Trump bile to its resistance base
Perhaps the resistance fueled by the Russian collusion delusion would not have taken place
Without the Trump is a Russian agent narrative brave souls would have crossed the aisle
Confronting issues like immigration and infrastructure we have abandoned for too long a while
As a nation confronted by foes in many corners of the Earth
We could have seen bipartisanship in a strong rebirth
Instead the left responding to the dog whistles of Russian collusion howling at the Moon in the street
And bipartisanship and compromise to end gridlock in an unchecked and frantic full retreat
So Comey should forget his apology needs and hang his head in disgrace and shame
Saying hello to infamy and saying goodbye to his prior reputation and fame
© August 29, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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