Thursday, August 29, 2019

Defiant Omar No Answers To Stupid Questions

Omar Ilhan was freed from a Somalia refugee camp for the freedoms here to enjoy
One would think that from such beginnings she would be jumping for joy
Winning a seat to Congress for her must be a crown jewel
One would think she would use it as for her constituents a welcome tool
Instead she’s on a one woman crusade with members of the Squad
To attack with anti-Semite rhetoric our strong Middle East ally, acts which are flawed
Like other Blue elites she seems to have the laws do not apply to me disease
Violating with impunity instead of thanking Allah for her good while on her knees
Immigration fraud with a marriage that was most likely false
An affair paid for by campaign funds to with a married consultant do the hanky panky waltz
When asked about such campaign violations a defiant response
Stupid questions will not be answered with an arrogant nonchalance
She fails to realize the only stupidity present is found in the voters who elected her
Who after seeing her leftist rants and tantrums will come to their senses to her loss insure
Flash to this elite who believes she is above the election law
Her respect for Congress and its members is totally flawed
With criminal charges her district members will not hold her in awe
Finally before the election we have seen the breaking of the final straw
Nice try to capture the limelight but no cigars Omar
Any leftist anti-Semite after you will have a much higher bar
© August 29, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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