Monday, August 26, 2019

Blue Wanna-Bes Face Hunger Gamers

It’s the new Hunger Games the hurdles to get on the debate stage
Second tier wannabes are whining and in a fit of rage
Not enough polls or in Steyer’s case he’s buying his way in
These fools without ideas remind me of small dogs on a tight leash
As long as held back they bark their heads off knowing into a losing fight they will not be released
Despite the howls of the MSM anti-Trump pundits who claim he is not fit
In the general they all look like they have more than they can handle bit
Desperate to the core they are praying that 2020 is the start of recession season
Only in leftist ends justify the means can they ignore the wish for job loss treason
The one candidate who looking at how to win said it best
Delaney “if we push leftist ideas from Trump the Oval Office we will never wrest”
Joe Biden’s lead has evaporated and soon his gaffs we will hear no more
A shame as the others’ speeches do not inspire only boor
Hopefully the Squad led by AOC
Continues run on their leftist spree
Blues winning so painted not a chance
Hopes mired in socialist failings Blues will not advance
© August 26, 2019 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet    

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