Thursday, May 26, 2016

Washington Post Slams HRC Over IG Audit

Hillary is not a hunter and probably never shot at a deer
This photo clearly shows a person trapped in the headlights with the end of her campaign near  
When you see a headline from the Washington Post
Slamming Hillary over the IG’s audit you get the feeling that her campaign is toast
The editorial headlines “Clinton’s Inexcusable, Willful Disregard For The Rules” is what the Post blared
The DNC already hit with  growing demands from Sanders that its head must resign must be in total despair
Sanders was already in California against HRC closing the gap, coming on strong and the latest poll shows him with her in a dead heat
The IG’s audit released after the poll will almost certainly result in her going down in a landslide defeat
When the Washington Post no longer will defend her pattern of lying and deceit
Watch for papers like the New York Times and her endorsers and super delegates to do a 180 and from her retreat
I am not sure if there is in the Blues a person like Senator Howard Baker who put politics aside
Informing Nixon that impeachment guilty verdict was growing in both parties and would not subside
To sit down with HRC and inform her it’s time to end this hopeless campaign ride
To have her go on national TV and come clean with the American people that she lied
No excuses, no justifications, no rationalizations and then from the Clinton Foundation with her husband and daughter resign
Obama would pardon her and if not a plea bargain sweetened by a return of the quid pro speaking fees and no jail time
If she is not willing to give up her quest and like Don Quixote in the race remain
The last straw in terms of lack of judgment, not smart enough to come in out of the rain
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