Friday, May 27, 2016

Steinles Sue San Francisco

Finally some sanity in the this nonsense of sanctuary cities’ mess
Kate Steinle’s survivors have just filed a lawsuit that should cause Blues in this state distress
Naming the sheriff, supervisors and the BLM whose agent’s gun was used
Not named in the suit but should be at the ballot box any Blue who the passage of Kate’s law refused
Trump is right on point when he demands we build a Southern border wall
The idea of releasing illegals back into the population should all of us appall
In this PC world led by the Blues and bureaucrats within the looney D.C. Beltway
The feds are so eager to cut off funds if transgenders will not their biologic sex obey
 But fight to their dying breath to prevent or hinder any dollars from sanctuaries from being taken away
No wonder Main Street is fed up, disillusioned, angry and in great dismay
We have become a “nation” without borders for illegals and the flow of drugs
Releasing back into our streets illegal murderers, rapists, and all manner of felons and thugs
As the illegals see that against either a socialist or potential felon, Trump’s chances are great
The border is being swamped by a rising illegal surge before Trump closes the open gate
For Kate Steinle’s family, anyone with a heart would pray for a win and damages huge
For the rest of us, pray for a landslide for Trump and his down ticket so we can put an end to this deluge
© May 27, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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