Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two Amputee Vets Reach Everest Summit

The war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan on our troops has taken in terms of deaths and maimings a terrible toll
Too many vets shorn of limbs and coming home far from physically, emotionally or mentally whole
Being wounded by IEDs in many cases no longer certain that a wounded soldier would not survive
But returning home  facing major barriers  to a sense of normalcy to try to revive
Ignored by the VA and belittled by its arrogant head
As care delayed means far too many are ending up dead
Comparing their waiting times
To Disneyland’s long lines
No wonder feeling abandoned by a government that just seems not to care
Too many are choosing suicide to end once and for all a sense of total despair
In a quote where a man with no shoes
Was overcome with the blues
Until while walking on the street
He met a man with no feet
The news out of Mt. Everest should give all vets some hope
That despite all hardship the human spirit can cope
Two American vets who had lost a leg in combat were able to reach Mt. Everest’s summit in about a week
Evidence beyond all doubt that not giving up means one can achieve whatever goals one wishes to seek
Kudos to U.S. Explorations and Expeditions who climbed with them to reach Everest
Something our bureaucratic VA cannot rise from its inertia to meet the suicide prevention tests
400 climbers have scaled the mountain since the 11th of May
Three and possible in total five along died along the way
The two amputee vets are shining examples of “Army Strong” and “Semper Fi’
Up to the task to all hurdles and barriers defy.

© May 25, 2016 Michael P, Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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