Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DOJ Appeals Judge's Order DOJ Lawyers Must Take Ethics Training

     Who will police the police
     If their following the law they decide to cease?
     Who polices the lawyers for the state?
If either of both  break the law contempt for the law and anarchy may be our fate
The DOJ under Holder was politicized to its very inner core
Holder when faced with lawful demands of Congress consistently chose to ignore
The DOJ under Holder first and foremost  protected Obama’s back
Blind justice under Holder if adverse to Obama he clearly lacked
Looks like under Lynch it appears to be the same old thing
The news out of a federal court in Brownsville has the same old Holder ring
DOJ lawyers appearing before a federal judge lied to his face not once but three times
In support of yet another illegal executive order stayed and now before the Supreme Court—what legal slimes!
The rule of law is so fragile and why we make lawyers officers of the court
Drummed into their very being; they and bench are to anarchy and the rule of men the last retort
For their blatant deception and misleading attempt
The judge should have contacted the bar and thrown them into jail for contempt
Instead he held that DOJ lawyers to fill what seems to be an ethical abyss
He ordered them to take ethics training to restore what in law school and in their practice they must have missed
The DOJ, that paragon of making every taxpayer dollar count and avoid waste like the plague
Filed an appeal claiming it would cost too many millions for ethics trainers to engage
Instead of appealing, the DOJ should thank its lucky stars
That these lying lawyers are not seeking mercy before the bar
     © May 31, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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