Wednesday, May 18, 2016

HRC Trailing Trump Will DNC Her Dump?

What we are now seeing is the coronation voided curtain call
More and more likely that Hillary will not win in the fall
In a race between two candidates that have negatives that top the charts
Will more from Trump or Hillary throw up their hands and from them depart?
Trump may have his image problems with women and minorities but not the feds
But Hillary may not be able to the quid pro quo beliefs shed
Worse only a fool would believe
She used her private server for convenience and not to deceive
Her lack of judgment in putting pages upon pages of materials that were classified
And then continue to argue only a FBI security check, all common sense defies
So Clinton scandal-like we finally have come to be tired of and completely reject
As her and the wanna be First Dude’s speaking fees we now must from political office eject
The Blues in their haste to coronate this very dishonest, unlikeable queen
Will rue the day they implemented their rigged superdelegate scheme
In the background if the DNC removes its rose colored glassed and comes to realize
Time to dump her now as more likely than not an indictment will in the fall be a major Blue demise
Sanders ideas may be flawed but this poet has to believe
He is a man of integrity and not like Hillary a candidate honed to deceive.
        © May 18, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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