Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Panic Vaccine Needed In Fight Against Coronavirus

The good news is that while the coronavirus continues its rapid pandemic spread
Very few compared to the normal flu end up really sick or dead
Little comfort if your family to the virus has a loved one lost
Especially if stricken in a nursing home or on a cruise a terrible unforeseen cost
But the sky is not falling save on those octogenerians or those with preexisting conditions
For the rest easy steps to avoid being a victim to this spreading perdition
Wash hands frequently, separate from those who cough and sneeze, refrain from touching your face
As certain as the Sun will rise tomorrow the virus will slow down its infecting pace
Sadly what will not slow down is the politicization of the coronavirus attacks
Increasing howls from the Blues that Trump Administration is not doing enough to stop virus in its tracks
His calls for calm and no panic are viewed that he is ignoring the threat
So typical and unproductive from the Blues’ Trump Derangement Syndrome mindset
Test kits are pouring out the door
Given the publicity hard to believe the virus threat is ignored
A silver lining like those in any storm can be found here
Alerts to our being potentially held hostage to drugs from China now appear
Time to bring manufacturing of anti-biotics and life saving drugs back onshore
Need to confidence of our health system to meet threats without foreign influence to restore
© March 10, 2020 Michael P. Ridley

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