Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Gives Sanders Ohio Loss Reprieveunt

After South Carolina and then Super Tuesday wins
Biden’s campaign was taken off its life support spin
Ahead in delegates with 4 more delegate rich states to vote
Beginning for Sanders to look like that’s all she wrote
Energized in the last debate with no audience live
It looked like a gaffe free candidate had been revived
Stumbled at times when Sanders burned him on his voting past
But for the entire debate it looked like he had not run out gas
This Tuesday would be for Biden on Sanders his knockout blow
He was sure to win all four with the majorities of delegates to him go
But a funny thing called the coronavirus intervened
With the nation shutting down, the Ohio primary from the other three would be weaned
Sanders has been given a reprieve
More days for concern over Biden’s mental fitness allow him to his lead retrieve
Maybe just for Sanders a forlorn hope
His socialist message to the young out of rope
A brokered convention now unlikely to come to pass
Unless with more gaffes and blanks Biden runs out of fitness gas
Spotlight given his past health will be on his VP slot
No wonder failed Blue Senators have endorsed aiming for that spot
Biden has vowed to pick a female regardless of who for the office would be best
Eliminate Gillibrand, Harris and Klobuchar and you have Gabbard who has not failed Blue primary voters’ test.
Assuming the halo by November has been put in relapse and remission
Trump/Biden match will be worth more that the price of admission.
© March 16, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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