Sunday, February 2, 2020

Vote to Acquit End the Chasm Split

On Monday the Senators who wish on their Impeachment vote the nation can address
After days of listening to Schiff and Nadler droning on a lack of high crimes for redress
And Trump’s defenders like Dershowitz and Sekelov a case for Impeachment shred
One would have to think the nation would not a want repeat of the biased hash thrown at their heads
Acquittal was a foregone conclusion from the very start
A plan to hobble the president and influence on 2020 somehow for the Blues impart
As a betting man my read is that ratings on Monday will really sink
The nation has heard it all and cares little what politicians like Schumer or Harris think
If a senator from the Blue side of the aisle wants to leave a lasting useful mark
To put a cap on this over three year political chasm far too dark
It would be to rise above distaste for Trump and look to how the division killing us we try to heal
Look back to a moment in time when Ford on a disgraced retiring Nixon all charges against him repealed
No agony of a trial to put a disgraced president in jail
With partisans against each other trying to mortally flail
No, Ford put unity of the nation above personal gain
Anger over the pardon on Election Day against him did not wane
For Ford, what he did was right even with a high personal cost
But the nation gained with 12 years Red to regain and exceed all that under Carter we may have lost
A Blue Senator still in running or one has already dropped out should vote to acquit
To take a step to the cause for the flame of unity since blown out to once again be lit
And having so voted though it may be a stretch
Might make the really rabid anti-Trumpers retch
Move the acquittal be by acclimation as an icing on the cake
To continue this unabated animosity is a major major mistake
Have the parties find common ground to be on the same track
To the issues that are important to Americans be solved by a unified concerted attack
© February 2. 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet .

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