Sunday, February 2, 2020

Super Bowl to Rescue of Bipartisanship

After two weeks of Super Bowl LIV 24/7 hype
Too many of the games failed to deliver and were of the boring type
Today with this nation more divided than at any time since the Civil War
With polarizing ad hominem attacks on our civility to rip and soar
A time for a Super Bowl to opposing fans cheer and boo with even clenched fists
For the 49er’s or the Chiefs the fans of each have a right to exist
Support the 49er’s and you are only a fan not some untermensch to be ridiculed and scorned
Support the Chiefs and you are only a fan not some deplorable with no right to have been born
Only fans and only Americans who will be joined by millions around the globe
To see who is the best team to wear in the form of a ring a championship robe
It matters not your political or social beliefs
Only who has best plans or executed skills be it 49er’s or Chiefs
No matter who wins the animosity felt by a losing fan to a winning one is just not there
Remorse or joy for sure based on outcome but animosity evaporated quickly into the post game air
For over three hours of a football game
With a half time show off the charts to entertain
And most commercials to drive you to buy or be enshrined in advertising hall of fame
This curse of political divide plaguing for at least a few hours has been tamed
Almost tamed as Bloomberg is spending $10 million of his own dough
In an attempt to get Blues upon him the nomination to bestow
Enjoy the game, enjoy the parties, enjoy the food and drinks
All too soon the unity will pass and with Senate ranting on Impeachment it will go down the sink
© February 2, 2020

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